Ailleurs it's building Tomorrow today,

Ailleurs it's always because it was yesterday, we are the result of our lifes, our civilizations and our histories.

Ailleurs is a crucible of clothing to live, beautiful to wear.

Ailleurs meets unlikely people where filibuster is at the street corner and sail in the 21th century urban wildlife.

Ailleurs recreate the use of clothing and forge the light armor of your heart.

Ailleurs it's you, Ailleurs it's your wish, Ailleurs it's your rhythm, Ailleurs it's now because it's made for tomorrow.

Ailleurs is the first step of a seven-league jump.

Ailleurs is made by you, Ailleurs, it's about sharing today and the past.

Ailleurs it's a language, Ailleurs is not very wise, Ailleurs it's your image.

By Jean-Claude

Once upon a time...


The little girl does not follow the rules, step by step in the creaking stairs, she disobeys the parental interdiction.

Up there in the attic, tickled by curiosity, she contemplates the room full of dark boxes, big and dusty.

For years, each generation had put here the princess dress of the aunt who take part in the resistance during the second world war, the hats of the fashion grandmother, the skirts of the hippie cousin, the loon pants of the rebel father, the teenager clothing of the mother and others high-heeled shoes.

Once upon a time, there was a girl which treasure room feed her taste for clothing and her love of fashion.

One "bac L", 2 years in breton territory in the ESMOD school, stylist modelist the young girl will become, climbing in a final year the parisian stairs of Rochefoucault street.

I also completed my studies with a specialization in stage costume.

After several professional experiences for theaters, short movies and fashion shows, i would like to show you my creation under my trademark : Ailleurs.

P.S. I still don't follow the rules